What's This

This is my personal website and I'm building it from scratch. The tools I'm using are mainly Python and Django for the backend. HTML5 Boilerplate for the html base. This is a work in progress and over time this site will grow in apps. I'll discuss various things about the development process and problems and resolutions I run into. Ultimately I expect this blog to be a journal of the development process and will sometimes contain personal updates.

Why? Because I don't often take notes and this format will help me do that along with document the growth and changes. Once the main part, blog is done, I'll upload the source and share it out there. For now it's going to be private, minus what you see in the posts.

I began building this mainly as a refresher of django/python and had the domain sitting around. What I have built is this simple blog application, though it needs a ton of work still. Most everything that needs to be done is mostly simple common features such as recaptcha, pagination, tagging, javascript form submission, better formatting on forms, updates to the markdown input on comments, user registration, and so on. Contact and About sections have minor things to add also. Hopefully over the next few weeks, I'll be able to roll out most of those things.

Currently my day job is landscaping, I don't have a lot of time to work on the site, but I will try to do something everyday to improve the experience.

A recap of what I have done. I first defined the blog using Django tutorials as a base reference. Starting with the models, setting up for admin, from there I built the views and then started the comments using the same process and finishing with the form. There was nothing truly fancy done to get this done. Contact was also added shortly after along with the About page.

I hope you enjoy my travels through building this up.